Jhong Hilario’s Instagram Photo Accidental or Intentional?

Jhong Hilario's private part photo on Instagram

Jhong Hilario’s appearance in his last movie titled “The Healing” with Vilma Santos gathered the attention of film critics, according to them, he acted like a big star. The movie was released last year by Star Cinema under the direction of Chito Rono.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the most brilliant actors in his generation, but today he became controversial due to a lapse of judgement.

Jhong Hilario posted on his Instagram account on Monday a photo of himself relaxing in a bathtub accidentally showing the tip of his private part.

After realizing his mistake, Jhong immediately deleted the said photo. Unfortunately a lot of people was able to screen-grab the photo before it was deleted and it went viral instantly. Some side comment love the racking fixture though.

As expected, comedian Vice Ganda poked fun on the incident in Tuesday’s episode of “It’s Showtime.”

“Ako, kahit anong buhok ang nasa ulo mo masaya ako,” Vice Ganda told Hilario.

“Kung gusto niyo po ng mas malinaw, may kopya ako,” the comedian added.

So my question is Jhong Hilario’s Instagram Photo was it Accidental or Intentional?
Some are speculating that he’s creating a stir because Showtime is not doing so well in the ratings game.

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