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Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Whoever said “money can’t buy happiness” has never met the charming and well-high-heeled Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. These young socialites of the 90210 live way beyond the highlife in an extravagant world where millionaire twenty-somethings are armed with black cards, tiny dogs and loads of Louboutins.

As the children of some of the most wealthy families and billionaire and millionaire moguls, this exclusive clique of friends, each with their own unique relationships, goals and heartaches, come together to party, play and relate to each other’s distinctive lifestyles. The often dramatic bunch reached internet celebrity documenting their extravagant lifestyles on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

But money isn’t everything and each of these outspoken young adults, some driven by their parents’ looming threat to cut off their funds, are trying to find their place in the world and make names for themselves with careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. Continue reading

Hope for an HIV patient in Wish Ko Lang this Saturday

For 43-year-old former teacher Rolando Penaredondo, his days as an esteemed teacher in a number of universities in Manila now seemed nothing but a figment of a time long gone after he was diagnosed with the dreaded Human Immunodeficiency virus or HIV.     Continue reading

Survivor Philippines Castaways Revealed

The 15 out of 18 castaways are finall revaeald for the 25th season which was shot in Caramoan Islands. The cast is very diverse from a TV Star, a baseball player, beauty queens, a redneck, a tomboy from the country, a guy who has a faux hawk styled by his girlfriend and Moesha. The 3 castaways who will be returnign won’t be revealed til the Premiere.. The show airs on September 19 on CBS. Here in the Philippines it will also be aired by GMA News TV.


Protege Profile: Ruru Madrid From Zamboanga City

Ruru Madrid

14 years old

Currently in 2nd Year High School

Protégé of Phillip Salvador (Mindanao) Continue reading

Julie Anne San Jose’s album available at the iTunes store beginning tomorrow (Aug. 10)

GMA Records has announced this morning that beginning tomorrow, August 10, Julie Anne San Jose’s self-titled recording album will be available for downloading at the iTunes Store. 

The compact disc version of the album will be available beginning next weekend in selected Astroplus and Astrovision outlets in Metro Manila and in provinces in Astroplus and Astrovision outlets a week later.
The 10-track album features the carrier single, “I’ll Be There,” the music video of which has now reached close to 1 million views on YouTube.  The single hit the no. 1 spot in the Pinoy MYX Countdown during the week covering August 4-10, 2012.
For more updates about Julie Anne’s album, follow GMA Network (@gmanetwork) and GMA Records (@gmarecords) on Twitter.

The coveted Top 20 aspirants of Protege is revealed

From thousands of young dreamers who auditioned nationwide for a stab at stardom, Protege narrows down the list to the coveted Top 20 aspirants who will compete in GMA’s original artista search.
This supreme slate of artista aspirants, meticulously selected from 15 cities all around the country, is all set to showcase their talent and star power on the Protege arena and will compete for the judges’ and the Filipinos’ votes during the weekly performance nights. Continue reading