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Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips: An Early Cult Favorite

The humor book Suplado Tips, written by Stanley Chi, takes humor to a new level as it regales readers with witticisms that revolve around one conviction: suplado is the new sexy.

Stanley Chi, a celebrated humorist, is the man behind that notorious idea. Suplado Tips, Chi’s fourth book, is a compilation of smart-alecky tips on how to assert oneself with an air of cockiness. One suplado tip advises, “Kung may nagtampo sayo dahil na-sampolan mo ng supladong hirit, hiritan mo ng, ‘Hindi ko na problema yan!’ (If someone resents you for your snide retort, just say, ‘That’s no longer my problem!’)”  The text is written in part with the help of  Stefanie Dela Cruz Continue reading