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Kiss Me Now by Fruits of Passion

Totally LSS’ing on this song this is a classic 80’s song and I really love the beat and the lyrics. This came out in my husband Philbert’s blog. They don’t make this kinds of songs now. I want songs like these!!! I’m curious about what they look like now. Do they still look the same or are they also just like the rest of us whose age has caught up with them. Do they also now use  hair loss products ? Just curious! Continue reading

MERRY CHRISTMAS NA by 1:43 (HD Official Music Video)

Totally loved the video and the story concept is nice too.
Love it even more in HD .Some may think that it’s stiff and that they need to
improve on their dancing but for me I loved it just fine.
I’m sure in time they’ll be so much better!! Great Job Boys!!!
If you want to meet them here’s the CONFIRMED 1:43 SCHEDULE:
November 10, Mapua Main (3pm, Gymnasium)
November 10, Celcius Bar in T. Morato (9pm onwards)
November 14, SM Rosario (first solo mall show, 5pm)
November 21, San Mateo Rizal Charity Concert
November 27, SM Dasmarinas (5pm onwards)