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Donghae and Siwon of Super Junior now in Manila

Members of Super Junior Donghae and Siwon arrived in the Philippines for a meet and greet with the fans tomorrow

The two Korean stars arrived today August 14 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 at about 10:54 am by Korean Air flight 621. Continue reading

Lee Joon Hyuk of City Hunter



Lee Joon Hyuk (sometimes spelled Lee Jun-Hyuk) portrays the role of Kim Young Joo in the new Koreanovela “City Hunter.” An intelligent prosecutor, the character Kim Young Joo possesses a strong sense of justice, even against the corrupt politicians of South Korea. He is constant rival of the City Hunter (Lee Min Ho), working towards the same goals, but wanting to do so within the context of the law rather than outside it.