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Back to the 80′s

Christmas parties are fun and give people a chance to have a little time to get to know one another.   Some companies throw their parties for their employees. While other companies have what they call Appreciation Parties for their clients. To show their gratitude and support.   Continue reading

Crisostomo Ibarra: Presented by Ballet Philippines

Choreographers Cup Poster

Crisostomo Ibarra produced by Ballet Philippines is choreographed by Paul Alexander Morales, BP Artistic Director based on Jose Rizal’s seminal novel, Noli Me Tangere. It takes the audience into the psychological world of Noli’s protagonist as he strives to stand tall in his ideals despite the cruel winds of fate.

In this contemporary re-telling of the novel, watch as Ibarrra deals with the infuriating persona of Padre Damaso, his quest in uncovering the mystery of his father’s death and his sacrificial love for Maria Clara. This original piece allows every one to have a peek into Noli Me Tangere’s significant characters and events.

Crafted through the art of movement, Crisostomo Ibarra is an entertaining and genuinely innovative interpretation of the novel that shaped our nation!