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#ShowYourStripes for Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit Program

Doing good is always in style!

Starting November 15, McDonald’s brings you the limited-edition red and white striped socks in select restaurants in Greater Manila Area. For only P100 a pair, you can #ShowYourStripes as an addition to your OOTD (Outfit of the Day) plus you are able to help build the next Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit in the country. Continue reading

Patty Betita is USANA Brand Ambassador


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Officials of USANA also announced the appointment of former beauty queen Patty Betita as their brand ambassador.  Another thing that is truly note worthy is that she really knows her products. She knows what she’s taking and what it does for her too.   Continue reading

Boy Abunda Wants You To Make Your Nanay Proud

Make Your Nanay Proud #MYNP

People with a powerful social influence can drive people into action. Influencer’s reach can become a formidable force in skyrocketing a campaign and in advocating for something good. TV host and commercial endorser, Boy Abunda have long been urge to go into politics so that he may use his popularity to serve the common good. He never thought he actually would take advantages of his popularity to influence others given the opportunities, until he found a cause he really cared so much about. Continue reading

Advocacy: ESQUIRE Financing Inc. and MIRAGE International Corp. partnership shares early Christmas gifts to “HELP Foundation Gawad Kalinga” and commits to give more!

The last tropical depressions and monsoon rains that hit the Philippines left many homes and families in distress. These series of unfortunate events are definitely challenging. As we usher in the season of giving, two industry players unite to share their blessings in the pursuit of shedding a spark of hope to the disaster stricken members of the HELP Foundation and Gawad Kalinga. Continue reading

Celebrities Should Attend The Philippine Internet and Congress Expo

One thing I have learned is that celebrities don’t have it easy nowadays. Not only do they have to worry about what the movie and television fans think of them. They now have to contend with the Online fans. It’s a tough battle having had to deal with different kinds of media. Some stars now have their Fan Pages on Facebook and hash tags on twitter. But they do it by trial and error which really shouldn’t be the case.  There is a formula behind the metrics and  a reason behind the system. Continue reading