Xian Lim is McDonald’s Latest Endorser

Xian Lim  is definitely the perfect choice for McDonald’s latest summer campaign. He exudes the boy next door charm just lets us know how fun it is to walk on Sunshine.

According to him his favorite summer activities include hanging out with friends, adds excitement to the campaign with his own tune of youthfulness and fun. “Summer is one of my favorite times of the year because you can relax and just have fun,” says Xian. “I’m happy that I can help bring a little bit of summer to everyone this year and I feel so excited to be a part of the McDonald’s family in the Philippines.” This guy is so talented he can sing, dance and act. I’m sure he can even assemble a gazebo kit if needed.

18 thoughts on “Xian Lim is McDonald’s Latest Endorser

  1. Nelle Daily

    Mcfloat is like our favorite food delivery at home. lol!
    my fave part of his commercial is his looks, the shirt really is nice. I don’t like him singing tho.

  2. tess

    he is cute ,pwedeng indorser kasi click sa mga teenagers. anyway ,kahit naman siguro endorser ng Mc Do will do .customers are after the fas tfood store naman.

  3. mheanne ojeda

    not sure who xian lim is but saw the commercial. initially i was like “bitin” with the way i’m walking on sunshine is sang. well maybe just bec i was comparing it to the original which sounds energetic and exciting. well at least xian is original with his rendition!


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