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The Truth is Revealed

Congratulations to Mar Roxas for single handedly giving Filipinos a reminder of how the “experienced” dictator Ferdinand Marcos insulted Corazon Aquino as a “mere housewife”.

He did it by making noises about an OJT president, not knowing we have settled the issue in 1986. Meanwhile, Roxas has been part of the problem since 2000. He has been a professional balimbing, switching sides from Erap to GMA to PNoy. Continue reading

The Brillante Mendoza Film Workshop

The Brillante Mendoza Film Workshop 3 (BMFW) will be 7 days intensive training from March 28 to April 3, 2016, at Center Stage Productions 947 Busilak St. Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City.


Brillante “Dante” Mendoza  is a Filipino movie director who has won international awards for his independent films shot in digital video. He is the first Filipino to win the Best Director plum at the Cannes International Film Festival for his full-length film Kinatay

Continue reading

Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA Presented by Alaska

The Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA Presented by Alaska starts its search for the best basketball players in the country when it holds its first Regional Selection Camp at the Benguet State University, Baguio on Feb. 20 and 21.

Boys and girls may join the search for the ten best boy and five best girl basketball players who will become members of the Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA All-Star team. There is also a search for the boys and girls coaches who will handle the two teams. Continue reading

The Solution to the traffic woes in Metro-Manila.

Surprisingly some candidates are not open about discussing their solution to the issue with the traffic and MRT/ LRT.  All they want to discuss is that the issue with Poverty, Jobs and OFW’s. They all want to discuss the easy issues and no one wants to discuss the hard issues. This is really one of our main issues how bad the traffic is.

Jejomar Binay
For the Vice-President, the solution to the urban traffic problem is through implementation of a comprehensive plan. A fully integrated mass public transport system will be established as a long term plan. The MRT/LRT/PNR systems will be upgraded and interconnected.A Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network in Metro-Manila will be implemented. The boundary system will be abolished and will be paid a fixed salary.

He will personally monitor and supervise the coordination between local government units (LGUs) and other government agencies involved in the traffic management. Traffic rules will be strictly implemented to encourage discipline among public and private motorists.
Traffic engineering will be improved and more technology based traffic control devices will be used.Basic infrastructure deficiencies, which includes a major flood control study and project for the whole metropolitan area.Decongest Metro-Manila by moving government offices to a new community.

He will tap the international market for talent and expertise on crafting solutions for the Philippine traffic problem, as Metro-Manila.

Mar Roxas
Traffic jams in cities can be addressed by constructing more road networks, decongesting existing ones and instilling discipline among motorists, commuters, and pedestrians.

Continuous improvement in the mass transportation systems and ensure that they are sufficient in capacity and world-class quality. Improve connectivity in areas within and outside Metro-Manila through the construction of railways.

To decongest EDSA, all city bus operations will be centralized into one entity following one route, one schedule, and one management.Strictly enforce guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of commuters and pedestrians.Develop the countryside to address congestion in key urban areas.

Miriam Defensor-Santiago
One way to address the congested streets is to reduce the volume of vehicles. Impose a progressive taxing scheme for the purchase of more than one car per family, as well as regulations for car loans.

Expand the operations of the MRT, LRT, and the PNR to serve the growing commuter population.Order a review of the number coding scheme.Require large malls and commercial centers to provide areas for proper bus stops. Continue the point-to-point bus system.Consider imposing a fixed salary system for drivers in the public transport system.