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Patty Betita is USANA Brand Ambassador


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Officials of USANA also announced the appointment of former beauty queen Patty Betita as their brand ambassador.  Another thing that is truly note worthy is that she really knows her products. She knows what she’s taking and what it does for her too.   Continue reading

Valentino Rossi is in Manila

Valentino Rossi, world champion in four divisions of motorcycle racing in a career that spanned over 17 years, is now in Manila but this time it won’t be for a motoGP podium finish. Rossi will help raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda through Yamaha’s Lend a Hand Project, which aims to raise funds to boost ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation.Yamaha helps in times of great need is seen through various CSH activities.

Continue reading

Earth Hour Slated for March 29

Envisioned as a unique and highly-visual way to stand against climate change, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off lights for 60 minutes to deliver a powerful message on the need for decisive climate change solutions. This simple act has captured the hearts and minds of people the world over. Continue reading

Boy Abunda Wants You To Make Your Nanay Proud

Make Your Nanay Proud #MYNP

People with a powerful social influence can drive people into action. Influencer’s reach can become a formidable force in skyrocketing a campaign and in advocating for something good. TV host and commercial endorser, Boy Abunda have long been urge to go into politics so that he may use his popularity to serve the common good. He never thought he actually would take advantages of his popularity to influence others given the opportunities, until he found a cause he really cared so much about. Continue reading

Heart Evangelista Joins Wendys Family

Heart Evangelista joins the Wendy’s family as brand ambassador. The alluring and award-winning actress, singer and T.V. host embodies the company’s core essence – a premium brand that is relentless in bringing superior quality food and service. As Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s said, “we don’t cut corners on quality,” and “quality is our recipe.”

Wendy’s is now aggressively  innovating and improving by bringing original and delectable products to the people and constantly upgrading the look and service of its restaurants. As Heart Evangelista would say: “We deserve this!”